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University of Education – Multan Campus Info

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Multan, the City of {Saints|Team} has a long {history|background|record} that can be {traced|tracked|followed} back to 4000 years. {Most probably|Most likely|Almost certainly}, it is one {of the most|of the very most|of the very} ancient living {cities|towns|metropolitan areas} {of the world|on the planet|worldwide}. This city has been ruled by various dynasties. The old {houses|homes|residences} and {many of|a lot of|most of} artefacts speak of its past {glory|beauty|fame}. Multan has been the Centre of Education {throughout|through|during} its history, as {number|quantity|amount} of desirous and interested people from all over the subcontinent have {been|recently been} {getting|obtaining|acquiring} education in this ancient city to {quench|out|chill} their thirst of knowledge. Multan has always {been|recently been} a tower {of light stood|of light was|of light was standing|of sunshine stood|of sunshine was|of sunshine was standing} in the great sea of time and {beacon|bright spot} for educating people of the area. {This has been|It had been|It turned out} the tradition of Multan to promote spiritual / {mystical|magical} as well as modern education to cater the needs of its {inhabitants|residents|occupants} and adjoining areas.

{University|University or college|College or university} of Education, Multan {campus|grounds} has been serving {the students|the scholars} of southern Punjab since 2002 as university and providing quality education {in various|in several} fields. It has {been|recently been} the pioneer institute in imparting teachers’ education and training. {In order to|To be able to} foster high quality standards in education and research, UE {emphasizes|stresses|focuses on} on linking professional practice to existing research, {sound|audio} theorizing, and rigorous {methodology|strategy|technique}. This is our {prime|primary|perfect} responsibility to carry on the tradition in {its|the|their} befitting manner by {launching|starting|releasing} various programmes related with education, Natural Sciences, {Management|Administration|Supervision} and Information Technology. The faculty members are highly qualified from local as well as foreign {universities|educational institutions|colleges}. This perfect blend of knowledge and experience {of various|of numerous|of varied} cultures makes the {campus|grounds} {a right|the right|an appropriate} choice {for individuals who|for many who} wish to develop themselves into successful teacher educators, {researchers|experts|analysts} and educational administrators, {managers|professionals|executives} and technologists.

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