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WWE Winners 2 Oct 2017 – Results Full Videos

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Monday’s WWE {Raw|Natural|Organic} was a {night of|nights} attacks.Braun Strowman {delivered|shipped|provided|sent|supplied} post-match {destruction|damage|devastation}. Roman Reigns waylaid The Miztourage before his bout. And Cesaro and Sheamus made their {mark|tag|draw|symbol|make} by pouncing on the {vulnerable|susceptible|prone} and unsuspecting.

The violence {kept|held|retained|stored|maintained|placed} {coming|arriving|approaching}. The animosity {kept|held|retained|stored|maintained|placed} growing.Denver’s Pepsi {Center|Middle|Centre} played {host|sponsor|web host|number|variety|coordinator} to a show that added intrigue to {a number|lots} of feuds {en route|on the way} to the TLC: {Tables|Furniture|Dining tables|Desks}, Ladders & {Chairs|Seats|Chair|Recliners} pay-per-view on Oct. 22.

Mickie James {earned|gained|attained|received|acquired} {a shot|a go} at the {Raw|Natural|Organic} Women’s {Championship|Tournament}. Both Emma and Matt Hardy found new {tag|label} team partners. {And the|As well as the|Plus the|Along with the} cruiserweight {division|department|section} added {a new|a fresh} aerialist.But {while many|even though many} of the {segments|sections} and matches {had|experienced|got|acquired|possessed} {purpose|goal}, the post-Raw {talk|chat|converse|discussion|have a discussion|conversation} won’t be {about that|about this}.

It will be|It’ll be} about The Shield getting oh so {close to|near to|near reuniting, {only to|and then} keep that moment|instant|second|minute|point in time|moment in time at bay.The following|The next} is {a look at|a glance at} where {Raw|Natural|Uncooked|Organic|Fresh} clicked and where it flopped, from Strowman’s latest {victory|triumph|success|win} to the cruiserweights getting the {spotlight|limelight} again.

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